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The “Rousse” cheese family is growing! After the success of the first product created in 1994, the famous Brebirousse, which is appreciated all over the world, we have never stopped innovating with this range, starting with the Vacherousse that everyone knows, the Bufflonne Rousse, and recently the Minirousse and the Chèvre Rousse. However, one cheese was still missing from this range: the “Triplerousse” made from 3 types of milk! Like all the other red smear cheeses in this range, the Triplerousse should be smooth and creamy and have the usual thin rind for this range. However, in terms of taste, it was to be differentiated from the others. This was no easy task, as it was necessary
to find the right blend of the different types of milk. Today we‘re delighted to present this new product, made with a blend of cow‘s milk and a minimum of 15% ewe‘s milk and 12% goat‘s milk, with a very fine thin reddish rind. It has a creamy, almost spreadable texture and an inimitable, slightly acidic taste, with hints of goats, softened by the ewe‘s milk. Made in Italy‘s Piedmont region, at the foot of hazelnut and truffle oak covered hills, Triplerousse is a further proof that Argental is an international cheese Brand: its products are not only produced in different countries but, above all, appreciated by young and old in over 50 countries around the world.

Triple Rousse d'Argental