Raclette Truffalo


“I love the subtle, not-too-powerful aroma of fresh truffles.
Truffles are a highly sought-after product worldwide, and play a particularly essential role in fine cuisine. With ournew Truffalo Raclette, the full flavour experience comes together just as the cheese isbeing warmed, scraped and served, since the heat helps the truffle extract to develop toits full potential. This cheese is made according to the strict standards of a genuine Swissraclette. Only at the very end, right before the curd is poured into the rectangularmoulds, do we mix in just a tiny bit of our special truffle extract. That ensures that thetruffle flavour spreads evenly throughout the cheese, and in your raclette pan at homeas well. You’ll love the result – and the pleasure of enjoying this raclette with friends.”Kevin Koch.

  • Unpasteurised Cow's Milk
  • Switzerland, Appenzell Region