Amandine Cheese Cake


Ideal for 110 to 130 Guest

Cheese (Top to bottom)

  • Neuchatel Heart: Soft, crumbly and grainy texture. Salty and sharp taste with aromas of mushrooms. Considered the oldest cheese from France, its production dates back to the 6th century.

  • Roche Montagne: A semi soft and creamy bleu cheese made in the Puy-de-Dôme region in France.

  • Délice des Crémiers: A soft, decadent, creamy cheese from Burgundy. It has a lovely white bloomy rind which is velvety soft. Extremely rich and luxurious due to being made with cream, double-cream and creme fraiche! It has a slight lemony edge; fabulous with bubbly.

  • Manchego: 12 month matured. Firm and compact texture. A richness of brazil nuts and caramel. Texture is dry yet creamy.

  • Cornish Yarg: Made by the Gray family, hence the name... Creamy texture under the rind, crumbly in the core. Fresh with a slight citrus tang when young, it then becomes mellow with age. Wrapped in edible nettle leaves.

  • Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar: A traditional, cloth-wrapped, unpasteurised Cheddar, made by the Keen family. It is a moist, tangy & powerful cheddar. Smooth & firm textured, with a deep rich nutty flavour with a tangy bite. (31 cm diameter)

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Please note: price is for cheese only and excludes the wooden board..