St Gall


Frank and Gudrun Shinnick’s award winning Saint Gall cheese made from the milk of their own herd of pedigree Friesian cows in Co. Cork.

Saint Gall is named after the monastery St Gallen near Appenzell in Switzerland, furthermore St Gall was one of the companions of Saint Columbanus. This brine-washed cheese has all the characteristics of a fine Swiss cheese with the rich, earthy creaminess from the Irish countryside.

The recipe uses skimmed milk from Fresian cows to enable the texture to age longer and become firmer, the long grazing season on the fertile pastures of the Blackwater River valley produces superb quality raw milk. flavours are sweet and subtly sour and nutty, with a distinctive palate-tingling finish.

  • Unpasteurised Cow's Milk
  • County Cork, Ireland