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Cheese Descriptions I - L

Isle of Mull Cheddar

Moist and soft texture. Farmy, fruity flavours - sometimes with an almost alcoholic tang. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Scotland.

Isle of Whight Blue

When the cheese is sold at 3-4 weeks it has a relatively mild blue flavour but expect the Isle of Wight Blue to accelerate quickly so that by the time it is at the end of its Best Before date, the flavour will be a lot spikier than when it was young. Pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, UK.


A smooth hard cheese. Inglewhite Sheeps cheese has a creamy caramel-like sweetness with a smooth bright white paste. It is matured for up to 5 months. Pasteurised ewe’s milk, vegetarian, Lancashire UK.


A blue mould-ripened cheese truckle named after the Ironbridge Gorge (the birthplace of the industrial revolution). This bloomy rinded cheese helps the interior ripen to a creamy consistency with a rich deep flavour. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Shropshire UK.


Made from raw milk at a fruitière (cheese dairy) in the hills of Pontarlier. An original recipe with a fermentation culture over whey that produces its characteristic animal notes. It is ripened for 8 months minimum and has a pleasant hazelnut flavour and a creamy paste. Just the right compromise for a cheese that can accompany any meal, from breakfast to dinner. Unpasteurised Cows milk, not vegetarian, Jura, France.

Keen’s Extra Mature Cheddar

A traditional, cloth-wrapped, unpasteurised Cheddar, made by the Keen family. It is a moist, tangy & powerful cheddar. Smooth & firm textured, with a deep rich nutty flavour with a tangy bite. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Somerset UK.


A raw milk version of Rachel goats cheese. Washed in Somerset cider brandy. A slightly softer texture than and a stronger, more complex flavour than its cousin Rachel. Unpasteurised goat’s milk, Somerset UK.

Kaltbach Alpine

A firm pressed, mountain Swiss cheese made using fresh cows milk with the addition of fresh cream. Smooth textured, the thick, brushed rind cheese is matured in Kaltbach caves for around 4-5 months, which results in a rich full flavour. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Switzerland.

Kaltbach Gruyere

Kaltbach mature Gruyere is a robust and deeply full flavoured cheese with evenly-balanced undertones of fruit and nuts and lingering after-taste without bitterness. It has a crumbly body with an occasional crystallization. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Switzerland.

Keen’s Mature Cheddar

Sweet and strong, nutty and moreish. Our Mature Unpasteurised Cheddar crumbles in the hand yet melts in the mouth. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Somerset UK.

Kosh 5 Bluemli

Kevin (cheese maker) selected 5 different flowers from the Appenzeller region. During the
maturing process, the essence of these 5 flowers progressively penetrates the cheese, and gives it its distinctive taste. Creamy and nutty texture, what you would expect from an Appenzeller but with a floral finish. Unpasteurised cows milk, Switzerland. Not vegetarian

Keltic Gold

Keltic Gold is a type of semi-hard cheese from Cornwall. It is made by Whalesborough Farm Foods near Bude. During ripening, it is dipped in cider and scrubbed three times each week. The milk comes from Trewithen Dairy and the cider from Cornish Orchards. Pasteurised cows milk, Vegetarian, Cornwall.

La Noix d’Argental

Ripened in a walnut liquor. The mould used for this tomette gives it its famous even stripes reminding us of a ‘wicker basket’. During the aging stage of 6 weeks in humid cellars the cheese is rubbed 3 times with the walnut liquor from the Distillerie du Périgord in Sarlat. Pasteurised cows milk, France

Lanark Blue

This superb blue-green veined, mould ripened cheese is hand-made and gives it a creamy and full flavoured, style, it is Scotland's answer to Roquefort. Unpasteurised ewe’s milk, vegetarian, Scotland.


Langres has a delicate, creamy taste, punctuated by a very pleasant tang. Its characteristic hollow top is created because the cheese is not turned, where it is designed to hold Champagne. Thermised, France.

Le Saulxurois

Soft cheese with washed rind from Champagne. It is actually the original version of the Carré de l’Est and has an aromatic, full-bodied flavour. Ripened for 10 days. Thermised, Cows milk, France.

Le Fribourg

Made in the heart of the Fribourg region with thermised milk, it is then seeded with yeast grown on whey as in alpine production techniques, and curdled with natural calf rennet. These 2 steps are essential for the quality of the cheese, both to obtain soft, non-crumbly pastes, and to develop distinctive, bold flavours that express the uniqueness of this region. A brief period of brine salting is followed by dry salting to obtain a smoother-melting paste. Thermised cows milk, Not suitable for vegetarian, Switzerland.

Little Wallop

Wrapped in a vine leaf and washed in Somerset cider brandy. When young it has a slight citrus flavour, balanced with salt and a creamy aftertaste. As it ripens it develops a nutty, goaty complexity. Unpasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Somerset.

Lord of the Hundreds

Made using raw milk from Friesland ewes. A hard vegetarian cheese. A complex flavour with hints of burnt caramelised hazelnuts. Unpasteurised ewe’s milk, vegetarian, Sussex UK.


One of the oldest and greatest Normandy cheeses, considered to be one of the finest cheeses by aficionados who love its soft, golden paste with little holes and springy texture. The taste is nutty, melting in the mouth, to release flavours of a salty lemon and spiciness. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, France.


Using unpasteurised milk from their own herd of goats. This soft, luscious, hand-made, brie style goats cheese is creamy and delicious. Thermised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Somerset UK.


Delicious mild goat cheese, made from 100% pure Dutch goat's milk, well-known for its special mild, gentle flavour. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Netherlands.

L’affine aux Chablis

A powerfully rich flavoured finely textured cheese with sweet, creamy flavours. To create the pungent rind, the cheese is washed regularly in Chablis. Pasteurised cow’s milk, France.

Lock Arthur Cheddar

This young organic Cheddar has a mild yet well developed, savoury and nutty flavour. Unpasteurised Cows milk, Vegetarian, Scotland.

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