Le Trycorne du Berry


Le Brebis du Berry is a farm in Saulzais-le-Potier, a commune in Berry, located in the Centre Val de Loire region. It has a herd of 1,250 Lacaune sheep. The cheeses are made traditionally on the farm. All of the animals spend spring, summer and part of the autumn in the pasture, starting as soon as weather permits. Outside of those periods, the sheep are fed in the barn with hay from the farm’s pastures, so all of their feed is natural. All of the ewe’s milk is processed at the farm

As its name suggests, the Trycorne is shaped like a triangle. Trycorne is a raw ewe’s milk farmhouse cheese. It is made on the farm using traditional methods. It has a thin, cream-coloured rind. This is a soft, mild lactic cheese on the palate with delicate cream and straw flavours. Its texture is naturally firm.

  • Unpasteurised Ewe's Milk
  • Val de Loire, France
  • 150g