8 Blumen


The Kochs are a typical Appenzeller region family, who has been making cheese for over 50 years. For a long time, Aloïs, the father, was content to mature and sell Appenzeller cheeses, but when his son Kevin joined the company, he arrived with new ideas! Kevin had trained as an economist, and worked for several years in a major Swiss bank, where he advised other companies. Thanks to this experience, he was able to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a company, and define the keys to success. So when he joined the family business, he decided to look at cheese from a different angle. He began by creating flavoured cheeses in his own kitchen, and today we can safely say that Kevin Koch has revolutionised the Swiss cheese industry with his original creations and novel ideas. But the fundamentals remain unchanged. Kevin has selected a special blend of 8 flowers to produce a cheese with an inimitable taste. And of course the flowery rind is also edible.

  • Unpasteurised Cow's Milk
  • Switzerland