Tomme noix Jurassic


The Tomme Noix Jurassic refined with walnut liqueur comes in the form of a tommette 14 cm in diameter, 5 cm thick, weighing 850 grams. The molding takes place in molds which give the cheeses their regular and concentric streaks. Refining is carried out in humid and temperate cellars (11°C). The cheeses undergo 3 rubbings with walnut liqueur from the Périgord Distillery in Sarlat, which makes it an authentic local speciality. The tomme des croquants refined with walnut liqueur is characterized by a dark brown crust. The ivory body is supple and soft, very smooth, with a delicate nutty flavor, while the crust delivers more powerful notes.

  • Pasteurised Cow's Milk
  • Saint-Cyprien, Dordogne, France