Cremoso al Tartufo


A gorgonzola that has been aged for 90 days as the base for this creation: extremely creamy, intensely smooth. Then we leave it for 15 days to infuse in our top-secret truffle mix recipe. Following this infusion and aging, the cheese is covered with fine flakes of dried truffle. When you present this cheese to your clients in all its glory, its beauty is enough to secure a sale solely based on its appearance. When served in a ladle, you will of course ensure that each ladle contains the right amount of truffle flakes to guarantee the greatest level of satisfaction for all who buy it. As far as taste is concerned, the combination of blue cheese and truffle is simply fantastic, and we will be pleased to let you discover it and describe it yourself.

  • Pasteurised Cow's Milk
  • Lombardy, Italy