Raclette Croccanta


“I love figs in all their forms – fresh, dried oreven in a homemade chutney. As I waspreparing my fig and nut chutney, it occurredto me that instead of just eating it with myfavourite cheese like I usually do, I could use itas the basis for an entirely new product. Wemix select fig seeds and a subtly flavoured nutoil into the cheese mass, just before placingthe cheese in the salt bath to form the rind.After three months of ripening, the nuttyaroma is fully developed and the fig seeds adda lively bit of crunch. The result is a truly newproduct with a surprisingly crunchy mouthfeel. We’ve intentionally produced this cheeseso that it can be eaten cold as a sliced cheese,but also tastes exceptionally good as araclette. Try this exceptional new cheese andexperience its delicious crackling crunch foryourself!” Kevin Koch

  • Unpasteurised Cow's Milk
  • Switzerland, Appenzell Region