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Cheese Descriptions U - Z

Ubriaco Amarone Valpolocella Docg

The wheels are matured for 6/7 months & bathed into Amarone for 3 months then wrapped in burlap and left to dry for about 5/6 months. The perfume is accentuated, spicy and persistent, with scents of walnut, cherry, fruits of the undergrowth, but also of spice and chocolate. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Italy, not suitable for vegetarian.

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher

Smooth texture, with depth and complexity. Matured over 18-24 months, its taste is like a combination of West Country cheddar and an Alpine mountain cheese. Rich, long lasting flavour with sweet, nutty notes and a sharp tang. Unpasteurised cows milk, Lincolnshire UK.

Vacherin Mont d’Or

Only available from September to April. This creamy cheese has a delicate taste with a hint of the spruce wood band that binds it whilst maturing. When at room temperature, scoop with a spoon and enjoy! Unpasteurised cows milk, France.

Vacherousse d'Argental

The Vacherousse d’Argental is smooth and creamy cheese made from cow’s milk. The rind of the cheese is fi rst washed with salt water, and then during the 2 weeks of maturation, the white mould rind develops. The paste is very creamy and unfolds delicate aromas. Pasteurised cows milk, suitable for vegetarian, Lyon, France


From the départements of Cher and Indre This cheese is covered in salted charcoal ash. Silky and delicate texture. Soft and delicate taste with nutty flavour. Unpasteurised goats milk, France.

Vieux Brugge

Hard cow’s milk cheese ripened for 12 months, similar to a Gouda. A masterpiece amongst Belgian cheeses. The length of ripening gives it its characteristically strong flavour with a pliable texture. Pasteurised cows milk, Not suitable for vegetarian, Belgium.

Wookey Hole Cave Aged Cheddar

A full-bodied farmhouse cheddar, using milk from local herds. It is wrapped in cloth and matured in the cave for up to six months to create a moist, full-flavoured, earthy cheese. Unpasteurised cows milk, Somerset UK.


Rich, buttery flavours from the edges cut by the fresher centre. The paste has an oozing texture under the rind and a slightly firmer consistency in the centre. Unpasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Berkshire UK.

Wensleydale Richard 3rd

Made using a pre-war recipe. Semi-hard crumbly texture. Creamy flavour with hazelnut taste and a salty tang. Pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Yorkshire UK.

Westcombe Cheddar

A traditional cloth-bound Cheddar made by hand using unpasteurised milk. It is aged for around 11-18 months to create a smooth, firmly structured texture and a complex Earthy and Fruity flavour. Unpasteurised cows milk, Somerset UK.

Wyfe of Bath

Made from un-pressed washed curd, then moulded in baskets and drained under its own weight. It develops a golden natural rind, flecked with white mould. The pale yellow paste has a little bounce to it, and the flavour is mild yet full. Pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Somerset UK.


A delicate, soft ewes' milk brie-style cheese made by Anne and Andy Wigmore. This is a subtle cheese with an unrivalled delicacy of texture and taste. No French ewes' milk cheese can rival its finesse. Rich and unctuous. Unpasteurised ewes milk, vegetarian, Berkshire UK.


A firm handmade cheese. It is naturally matured and develops a rind with age. Inside it has a smooth texture with a full flavour. If you want the goaty taste, eat the rind with the cheese. Pasteurised goat milk, vegetarian, Dorset UK.


A cross between Vacherin and Camembert, encircled in a spruce strip. Winslade is rich, silky, soft and gooey, with gentle floral and piney notes. Pasteurised cows milk, Hampshire UK.

Wrekin Blue

The rustic natural rind encompasses the unctuous cheese inside. The cheeses soft & creamy texture is cut through with blue streaks & pockets, the smoky blue piquancy has a mineral full flavour. Unpasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Shropshire UK.

Wrekin White

This cheese is matured for 6 months to give it a smooth firm hard finish. Its nutty, earthy flavour & fruity aromas continues to develop with age. Unpasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Shropshire UK.

Wyngaard Gouda

A wonderful smooth creamy goat's cheese from Holland that has a soft, deep and complex flavour that is rounded, mellow, sweet and nutty. Pasteurised goats milk, Netherlands.

Yorkshire Blue

A soft, creamy, blue-veined cheese. The traditional recipe has been developed to give the cheese a smooth, buttery flavour without a sharp bite. Pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Yorkshire UK.

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