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Cheese Descriptions E - H

Emmental Aged “walo”

Matured for 16 months by Walo in his caves, where the warmer conditions allow for an intensity of flavour that is quite unique. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Switzerland.


A pungent cheese washed in local brandy. A soft creamy cheese with a chewy and firm texture. Spicy as well as meaty; salty with hints of earthiness and nuts. A complex and powerfully rich flavour. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, France.

Eden Valley Brie

White mould ripened brie cheese made with pasteurised cow’s milk. Its flavour fills the mouth with intensity and the luxurious creamy texture rounds off a sumptuous taste experience. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Cumbria UK.

Ecrou du Fromager

small family creation, the Écrou du Fromager is a small farmhouse goat cheese. As its French name indicates, it has the unique shape of a hexagonal nut, with a hexagonal hole in the centre as well. It is made from whole goat milk from the GAEC des Alpines farm collective. Its texture is on the fi rm and dense side. The ash-coated version has a fi ne, silvery rind and the very slightly acidic and salty taste that’s typical of goat cheese. Unpasteurised gots milk, Not Suitable for vegetarian, Manche Region France.

Eden Smokie

The smoked version of our brie. Smoked in-house in the traditional manner; using a subtle mix of apple and oak woods.  The flavour is  a perfect balance with a rustic refinement. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Cumbria UK.

Farleigh Wallop

Fresh and clean with a soft lemony centre. This cheese is complemented by a gentle taste of thyme from the sprig dusted onto it. A delicate and subtle flavour. Created by Alex James of Blur fame. Unpasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Somerset UK.

Fleur du Maquis

A fresh cheese, covered with aromatic herbs, rosemary, juniper berries & fresh sweet chillies. A classic handmade semi-soft cheese with a sweet nutty taste, it becomes even more aromatic when matured.  All the Corsican character is expressed in this marriage of ewe milk & spices. Unpasteurised ewe’s milk, Corsica, France.

Fourme d’Ambert

A succulent & classic French blue cheese, with a rich & creamy texture & a delicate soft, smooth blue flavour. Pasteurised cow’s milk, France.

Fior Del Pastore Fresca

Meaning "The flower of the Shepherds" this is a young Pecorino. The cheese is fresh, milky, supple and delicate. Pasteurised ewe’s milk, Italy.

Fior Di Occhiatello

Made using artisanal techniques. Its paste is white and its aging provides a sweet a delicate taste. Fior Di Occhiatello has an intense aroma that melts on the palate, leaving a full and clean flavour. Unpasteurised cows milk, Not suitable for vegetarians, Italy.

Ford Farm Cheddar

A classic West Country farmhouse cheddar. Made on the lush pastures of the Ashley Chase Estate, between the rolling Dorset Downs and the Jurassic Coast. Matured for up to 12 months. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Dorset UK.


An unpasteurised Brie-Camembert cross, with a rich, deep flavour. Decorated with a fern. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, France.


Artisan made at the boundary of Champagne and Burgundy, its scent and tangy flavour are close to an Epoisses. White mould appears during the ripening and the cheese becomes creamy. Unpasteurised, cow’s milk, France.


A double-cream cheese, a classic of the French Parisian style. Extra cream is added to the milk before making the cheese, giving it has a rich, delectable flavour and smooth texture. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Hertfordshire UK.

Fleur des Alpes

La Fleur des Alpes is a combination of the technologies used to produce Gruyère and Vacherin cheeses. Lovely soft and smooth texture. Due to its rind/cheese ratio, the maturing process is quite rapid. Woody notes, with hints of undergrowth. Unpasteurised cows milk, Switzerland.

Flower Marie

The taste is quite delicate. It has a subtle flavour with a white mould rind. The taste is caramelly which comes from the sweetness of the ewe's milk. Unpasteurised ewe’s milk, vegetarian, Sussex UK.

Gorwydd Caerphilly

Gorwydd Caerphilly is handmade to a traditional recipe, using the organic, unpasteurised milk from a single herd. The cheese is matured for 2-3 months to allow the textures and flavours to develop. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Somerset UK.

Gruyere Cave Aged

This Gruyere is aged for a minimum of 14 months, this is matured in natural sandstone caves that reach deep into the Santenberg Hill. A wonderful complex taste that is rich, strong, nutty and earthy. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Switzerland.

Garstang Blue

A wonderful combination of a smooth creamy cheese with a mild yet indulgent blue taste that will tantalise any cheese lover’s senses. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Lancashire UK.


A delectable soft cheese, gently washed in Somerset cider brandy. At 4-5 weeks it's very creamy with citrus notes. With ageing the flavour develops; becoming slightly more pungent, buttery and indulgent. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Somerset UK.

Golden Cross

Dusted with charcoal. Incredibly velvety soft and sweet. Unpasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Sussex UK.

Gorgonzola Dolce

From Mario Costa Novara this cheese is young, voluptuous, creamy and rich. Sublime when drizzled with acacia honey. Pasteurised cow’s milk, Italy.

Gouda Boerenkaas 12 months

discover a very milky, buttery flavour. Also, when you get to the centre of the cheese, it becomes fondant on the tongue. You can detect the salt crystals incorporated into the cheese, bringing a crispy effect that perfectly contrasts the creaminess of the cheese. With a long-lasting flavour, this cheese has a taste you will want to experience again and again. Unpasteurised cows milk, Not suitable for vegetarian, Netherlands.


Made at Greenfield Dairy in Goosnargh, Lancashire, a wonderful British goat's cheese that is firm yet creamy in texture with nutty undertones. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Lancashire UK.


This small cheese is flavoured with pepper and garlic whilst it is hung and cured by the fire, creating a smoky tang. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, France.

Gris de Montanya

An Andalusian cheese called "the grey of the mountain" due to the blue/grey coat it develops over six weeks of maturation in Catalonian caves. Overtones of green grass and lemon citrus, and a mild acidity. Pasteurised goat’s milk, Spain.

Godminster Vintage Organic

Delicious creamy vintage organic cheddar clad in Godminster's distinctive burgundy wax. Full-flavoured with a soft, creamy consistency which is almost spreadable. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Somerset.

Gleann Oir

Made on Cooleeney Farm, this Irish goat's cheese has a delicate sweet flavoured natural rind with a robust earthy flavour. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Ireland.


Mild & creamy with a delicate aroma of white mushroom on the rind. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Ireland.


A semi-soft washed curd washed rind cheese, Gubbeen has a sweet, milky flavour when young, developing to a more intense mushroom flavour as it ages. At any age it is incredibly more-ish. Pasteurised cow’s milk, Ireland.


An unusual cooked whey cheese made from a mixture of goat and cows milk with a distinctively sweet caramel flavour. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Norway.


Made at the foot of the Alpstein mountains in Switzerland, this cheese reaches its glorious maturity at around 8  to 10 months. With a firm, smooth paste, it is sweet and rich, with tones of candied nuts. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Switzerland.

Gorgonzola Mountain

This Gorgonzola Piccante (or Mountain) is aged for around 80 days, giving this cheese a rather strong taste and spicy flavour from the blue-green veins that have developed. It is a tasty cheese which is good to be crumbled into salads or to be paired with apples, pears or walnuts as a dessert. Pasteurised cow’s milk, Italy.

Golden Cenarth

This washed-rind, semi-soft cheese is pungent, savoury-tasting and has a slightly nutty aftertaste. The cheese goes beautifully with a good red wine. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Wales.

Gouda with Cumin

Mild Gouda style cheese with delicately pungent and earthy cumin seeds. Landana cumin is delicious as a snack and very tasty on bread. Pasteurised cows milk, vegetarian, Holland.


Pronounced "Havod", it's Welsh for summer place or pasture. Traditional hard cheese handmade in an organic farm. The unique combination of creamy organic Ayrshire milk and traditional techniques give it buttery, rich and nutty flavours. Unpasteurised cow’s milk, Wales.

Hebridean Blue

A well balanced blue cheese made by the Ried family on the Isle of Mull. Creamy, subtle flavour with a crumbly texture. Unpasteurised cows milk, Scotland.

Harrogate Blue

A soft and luxuriously creamy blue-veined cheese delivering a mellow blue flavour with a hint of pepper to finish. Pasteurised cow’s milk, vegetarian, Yorkshire.


The milk comes from local free-range goats that feed on nettles, heathers, and crab apples so the milk is fragrant and subtly nuanced. Harbourne is quite a variable cheese with clean, sweet flavours, usually light blueing, and a crumbly texture. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Devon UK.

Highland Blue

More complex than most Blues with bold cracks and streaks, this creamy, juicy cheese yields to the touch and fills the mouth with a delightfully fudgy texture, finishing on balanced notes of salt and steel. Pasteurised, Vegetarian, Scotland.


A semi-hard cheese made from pasteurised goats milk. Pure white in colour; rich creamy texture gives way to fresh, delicate flavours. Pasteurised goat’s milk, vegetarian, Cumbria UK.

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